How It Works

How GESTAMAX supplements your nutritional need…

Nutrient need during the life stages of pregnancy and lactation is increased relative to women who are not pregnant or lactating. In fact, energy requirement increased by an estimated 300 kcal/day during pregnancy and 500 kcal/day during lactation. Likewise, the requirement for the most micronutrients (vitamins and nutritionally essential minerals) are higher during pregnancy and lactation.Maternal malnutrition during pregnancy has been associated with adverse outcomes, including increased risk of maternal and infant mortality as well as low birth weight newborns (<2,500 grams)– a measure that accounts for preterm birth and intrauterine growth restriction of the fetus.

Lactation is extremely energy expensive, and macronutrient requirements for breast-feeding women are even higher than during pregnancy. Likewise, the intake recommendations for most micronutrients, which are based on amounts secreted in breast milk, are higher for lactating women compared to pregnant women. With its right composition GESTAMAX helps in meeting this increased demand for macro as well as micronutrients during lactation.

GESTAMAX acts as a reliable source for energy, growth & remodeling of body tissues, during pregnancy and lactation.